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Personal Orders

If the car you are looking for is not available, don't stress. We have access to all major auctions in Japan, along with a great team that can help you find your JDM dream car and import it. Please note we can only import vehicles 25 years or older!

The process starts with talking to us and setting up a budget for your particular car. Once we have established that budget, we can start the search.

A deposit is required to start the process and varies depending on the cost of the car.  


At the end of the process, you will have the car that you personally selected, along with all of the paperwork needed to register and title it in your state. (Florida buyers will receive title and registration day of purchase)

We are located in Florida, but we sell and ship to anywhere in the US!

Are you ready to go? Here are the next steps.

Step 1 : $1000 Deposit (your vehicle search begins!)

Step 2: 75% due (your vehicle has been found and is on its way!)

Step 3: 25% due (your vehicle is at our shop, titled and ready to go!)

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