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Performance JDM

Horsepower Logic is both a high performance JDM shop and Japanese vehicle importer. At HP Logic we sell legal JDM RHD (right-hand drive) cars directly imported from Japan!  Contact us Today or browse our website for all available Inventory - Updated Daily!

JDM Imports
- Performance JDM Imports For Sale

We specialize in importing the cleanest, High Performance Japanese cars into the US from around the world. We are true performance JDM Car enthusiasts and love working daily with fellow enthusiasts like you! Visit our Japanese Domestic Import dealership in Florida and speak with a member of the HPLogic team. 

HPLogic - High Performance JDM Car Tune Up Service in Florida

HP Logic | HP Imports HIGH PERFORMANCE JDM ENGINE MOTORS. Our inventory changes all the time and includes Japanese Domestic Motor selections from makes like Nissan, Honda, Toyota , Subaru, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Lexus, Acura, and more.  

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HP Logic Reviews
Nefer Khan
This place is nothing but amazing. Any problem I’ve ever had with my car was fixed by these guys. The customer service is exceptional. I highly recommend this place. This shop is better than all those “big” business out there period.
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