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About Us

Horsepower Logic was formed in the latter part of 2007 to address a growing need for tuning services for a diverse clientele, marketing the ability to handle all makes of cars, domestics as well as imports. We embody the essence of a traditional speed shop while combining the trends of modern performance and modification.  

Nissan Skylines

Our Mission

To provide the High Performance JDM enthusiast with a state of the art facility dedicated to the realization of your completed project's fullest tuning potential. Whether its fuel economy, maximum power, or street and road course ultimate drivability, our staff is ready to work with you to accomplish your goals. You deserve the best! Whether it's parts or tuning, Let us help you fulfill your dream!

Vehicle Importing

    In addition to our tuning, installation and sales services, we also offer vehicle Importing through our HP Imports line.  Our highly experienced team of professional enthusiasts are constantly in touch with the latest trends in buying/importing rare and sought after classic Japanese vehicles. Speak to us today about landing the High Performance JDM car of your dreams here in the USA!


Skyline R32

 Japanese Imported Cars & Tune Up Service

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